The silver screen journey of “Bin Roye” finally lands to our TV screens. Though many loyal Pakistan Cinema lovers had watched the drama/romance film by Hum Films last year, but it was always said the movie was more of a drama. Yes, it was always thought to be a drama or telefilm, but at the time of launching the project, the masters thought of airing it as a film.

No doubt the star cast of “Bin Roye” is spectacular, we have been seeing Humayun Saeed romancing on our TV screen and his charm is still not ended yet. The main cast of “Bin Roye” is Humayun Saeed with leading ladies Mahira Khan and Armeena Rana Khan, along some veteran actors Zeba Bakhtayar, Javed Sheikh, Azra Mansoor, Junaid Khan and others.

There is no chance that we can be the spoiler of your new love trio drama serial, which you might have seen on the big screens. But at this time when people had hangover of Mann Mayal, Diyar e Dil and Humsafar, “Bin Roye” can revive your that hangover of romance filled love stories.

The story starts with an art film style, where Saba (Mahira Khan) is wandering in a beautifully furnished home like a lost scared soul, with some woman’s voice banging in her head. While, Irtiza (Humayun Saeed) enters and holds her to save from falling down of roof.

Happy go lucky nature of Saba and her obsession for Irtiza since their childhood was shown, where we can see so many characters. Time goes by and all enter in their young age. One thing remains the same which is Saba’s obsession and attachment with Irtiza. Saba is a happy go lucky but stubborn at the same time. While Irtiza is a very obedient, well-mannered and cultured guy, who is her cousin and loved by all family members.

bin-roye-movie-review-mahira The Latka-Jhatkas of Mahira Khan and those dead romantic expressions of Humayun Saeed might work well to grab audience’s attention. The drama serial can be termed as bit lot glamourized for tv screens but you can watch it with pop-corns no doubt.

“Bin Roye” is written by Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Shahzad Kashmiri & Momina Duraid. If you have nothing to do on your weekend night, then watching this same old love-hate-trio with a new packaging. For the sake of entertainment, you can watch this drama serial, but beware of those emotional tantrums which Saba is going to have when she finds out how Irtiza feels about her.

You can also watch the first episode here.


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  • Kashif

    Incredible article.

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