(dpa) Yamaha has overhauled its ultra-sporty YZF-R6 motorcycle for the 2017 edition with an eye-catching new fairing, low-down LED double headlights and a cantilevered high tail at the back.

The motorbike’s overall look is broadly based on Yamaha’s flagship YZF-R1 and, according to Yamaha, the new fairing, including a new windscreen, have been designed to provide 8-per-cent less air resistance. It features many artful cooling openings.

New to the YZF-R6 is the seat, mounted on a tail made using Yamaha’s CF magnesium die-cast technology, as well as the aluminum fuel tank, now with deep knee dents.

Other updates are refined traction control and faster gear changes, along with a 43-mm telescopic fork and 320 mm double-disc brakes, both of which will be taken over from the flagship YZF-R1.

A four-cylinder four-stroke 600-cc engine will provide the YZF-R6 will all the muscle it needs.

Yamaha will announce prices for the new model after the EICMA motorcycle trade fair this month and the bike is set to hit European markets in April.

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